Are You Being Stalked Online?

So many people are being stalked online without their knowledge, but it isn’t a person on your Facebook friend’s list or even a co-worker peeking inside your window at night or sending threatening messages to your cell phone. Instead, it is those taking advantage of technology, using special software known as stalkerware and put it on your PC to watch your every move, read emails, check locations, access social media accounts, and more. Detecting stalkerware is not always easy to do, nor is it always easy-to remove. There’s a good chance you’ll need a professional to make computer repair harrisburg pa to remove the stalkerware from your device.

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It’s a new term to go along with all of the other ‘wares’ that mean us harm when using our digital media, but the act of cyberstalking via digital means is not. People have participated in it for years. Now that it has a name, it’s serious business and time for everyone to learn what it is, how to detect it, and what to do if it is suspected on your device. The concept of the software is simple -it’s designed to help a person spy on you. This can be anyone who has access to the device to install the program, whether a boss, a spouse, or a friend or family member.

If you see the apps installed on your device, then you know that someone is spying on you and should accordingly remove the app/software installed. This is something the computer repair Harrisburg PA professionals will gladly do if you schedule an appointment after discovering the software install. It’s important to catch any software that you’ve not installed and remove it quickly. There are a few other methods that can help you determine if there is stalkerware installed on your device. Is your device suddenly running slower? Has the homepage changed or the way that pages load? This is a sign to check things out to make sure that no software is installed.

While checking for special apps and software installed on your devices, make sure to look at your camera to check for apps that have access to the camera and your photos and remove access immediately. That’s creepy in itself, on you agree? If your microphone suddenly activates or if the battery drains at rapid rates, these are additional signs that indicate that something fishy is going on and a trip to the repair shop is probably a good idea.