Great Gluten Free Foods to Try

Living a gluten free life doesn’t need to be boring and dull as some people suggest. The gluten free food list is long and when you find the right foods, your meals come alive once more and you can enjoy eating the foods that you love. The list of foods that you can consume is long, but the foods below are some of the best, most versatile options to add to the menu. You can also consider adding CBD to your gluten free diet but we suggest doing some research first. For examples, make sure to read cbd oil reviews and guides online such as HerbMighty.

1- Potatoes

The potato serves as a starch and is versatile enough that it can be used to create many soups and other dishes. The potato can even be used in flour when baking.

2- Rice

Few people dislike the delicious taste of rice. When you’re living a gluten free life, you won’t need to remove it from the menu. Best of all, rice of all types are safe and satisfying to eat, whether you prefer long-grain white rice or are one that prefers brown wild rice.

3- Fruit

Almost every fruit out there today is on the gluten free food list.  Whether you want to indulge in an apple, an orange or even a piece of kiwi, you can do so without worry! There are a few exceptions to the rule, but you shouldn’t have any trouble choosing a fruit that you love that satisfies that sweet tooth wonderfully.

4- Turkey

gluten free food list

Meat is not off limits when you search the gluten free foods list.  Meat is important to consume since it contains protein and helps build muscle. It is imperative that you choose meats that are not made using other ingredients, however. All natural, organic turkey is healthy, tastes great and meets your nutritional requirements when dietary restrictions are in place.

5- Milk

Many people are unaware that all milk is gluten free. You can use it when cooking meals or even to build healthy bones as a delicious drink with dinner. That is great news since it is used in so many different meals. You should always avoid flavored milks, including almond milk, which may contain gluten and you can enjoy this dairy product as you wish.

There are many delicious foods and ingredients that you can use to prepare your meals and enjoy by themselves, even when living gluten free. The five foods above are just the star of the many included on that list. Do not think that eating deliciously is over because that is far from the truth.